is a mobile friendly Telly, Cleo and Emmy Award winning production crew and gear company. We bring everything needed for your production. We bring the lights, camera, microphones and you bring the action.  Shoefilms is based in Southern California with over 30 years of experience shooting and lighting commercials, athletic features, show opens, green screens, sit down interviews and slow motion action footage.

Mark has worked on hundreds live motorsports show for television networks that include ABC, ABC Sports, ESPN, FOX, SPEED Channel, MAV TV,  FOX 1, FOX 2, CBS, NBC / Red Bull Signature, NBC, NBC Sports.  Mark Shoemaker’s  strengths include knowledge, careful attention to equipment and the talent and love of shooting camera. Mark  also excels at lighting, shooting features, hand held camera work for LIVE motorsports events like World SuperBike, Monster Energy Supercross,  Lucas Oil Pro Motocross , Champ Car, K&N NASCAR Series,  AMA SuperBike, Grand AM Sports Cars, X Games, Red Bull Straight Rhythm, Monster Energy Cup as well as corporate productions. Mark Shoemaker has worked on hundreds of television shows as director of photography /  (Electronic News Gathering) ENG operator and RF live hand held operator. Working with producers and production companies and networks over the last 30 years he has provided creative production services that elevate all projects to the next level using the Sony FS7 4K Super 35 camera,  prime lens and the correct lighting. But most of all a camera crew that listens and follows directions, and is ready to work.

Mark Shoemaker

Director of Photography / ENG operator /  LIVE RF Handheld camera operator / Lighting Director

Son of legendary filmmaker Don Shoemaker,  Mark Shoemaker has been providing ENG (Electronic News Gathering) and EFP (Electronic Field Production) production services to production companies,  television networks and corporate clients for the lasts 30 years.
In the late 1970’s Mark shot the action sports pilot for children show on Fox called Action Now. Mark and his crew / soundman Terry Boatright worked with corporate clients through Crews Control a booking agency. Mark also won a Cleo for the Indy 500  Chevrolet “HeartBeat of America” and AC Delco commercials.

In the 1980’s Mark shot for local Southern California production company (PIX Productions, Royce Productions.)  Mark also worked with Crews Control.  Mark owned a company that specialized in Sony Betacams rentals, Hollywood South Equipment

From the 1990’s – 2016 Mark Shoemaker has worked for ABC Sports, Speed Channel, Speed Vision,  Chet Burks Productions and Mullin Production Group that include, live broadcast sports shows like Champ Car, World SuperBike, Grand Am, AMA SuperBike. AMA Motocross, K&N Series, SCORE Offload trucks and Monster Energy Supercross.  The last two Monster Energy Cup shows have won Emmy’s one in 2015 and one in 2016 in the category of Live Sports Events.

Television Series

Mark has rented ENG camera packages, wireless microphone systems, tripods,  lighting kits and ENG / RF LIVE hand held camera work.

  • Race across America
  • Bikeweek with Dave Despain
  • SCORE Offload trucks
  • AMA SuperBike
  • Lucas Oil Pro
  • Motocross Monster Energy
  • Supercross
  • Champ Car
  • Grand Am Sports Cars
  • Red Bull Straight Rhythm
  • Monster Energy Cup
  • ABC Sports
  • Speed Vision
  • Speed Channel
  • CNBC
  • NBC Sports
  • ESPN
  •  CBS Sports
  • Red Bull TV
  • FOX
  • FOX 1
  • FOX 2

Mark Shoemaker has shot hundreds of live television shows, interviews, product promo, athlete features, product projects and green screen shoots. Use my experience and the power of the Sony PXW – FS7 4K Super 35 camera to elevate your next production.

Sony PXW – FS7 camera package / EFP (Electronic Field Production)

  • Sony PXW – FS7 camera with XDCA -FS7 extension unit with XQD G series 128 GB 400MB cards
  • Zeiss CP 2 Prime lens: 25mm, 50mm, 135mm PL mount (1)
  • Wooden E-mount to PL (1)
  • AbleCine HDX35 Mark 2 B-4 optical adapter (1)
  • Video Device pix 5′ inch monitor / recorder with in & out 4k with 240 GB speed drive (1)
  • Wooden accessory pro kit (1)
  • Lite Panel bi-color BRICK on camera light with arm (1)
  • Fujinon HA22 x 7.5 with zoom 2x 2/3 broadcast HD lens (1)
  • Fujinon Wide Power 4.8 to 13mm zoom with 2x  2/3 broadcast HD lens (1)
  • Lite Panels bio color 32k and 56k  1×1 with Anton Bauer batteries and stands in a Porta Brace bag (4)
  • Lite Panel 32K 1×1′ with Anton Bauer batteries and stands (1)
  • Magliner Production cart JR (1)
  • Anton Bauer LP4 battery charger (1)
  • Anton Bauer batteries Hytron 140 (1)
  • Anton Bauer charger Quad (1)
  • Anton Bauer batteries dionic 90 (3)
  • Anton Bauer batteries digital 90 (3)
  • Apple Macbook Pro (1)
  • O’conner 10-30 tripod head with 35L carbon fiber legs (1)
  • Kino Flo 400 Diva light with 32k and 56k bulbs (5)
  • Arri 150 watt tungsten 3200k light with stand (1)
  • Arri 300 watt tungsten 3200k light with stands (3)
  • TV-Logics color monitor with Anton Bauer batteries (1)
  • Lectrosonics 400 wireless microphone system with butt plug and law pack (1)
  • Sennheiser MD 46 handheld microphones (2)
  • Tram TR 50 lavalier microphones (2)
  • Sennheiser 416t shotgun microphones (1)
  • Shipps interview microphone (1)
  • Chrosziel mattbox with filters (1)
  • Modern Studio slider system, complete with stands, speed rail, O’conner 10-30 head with camera plate (1)
  • Hi hat complete with O’conner 10-30 head with Sony camera plate (1)
  • 10×10′ foot black backdrop (1)
  • 12×12′ foot gray modeled backdrop (1)
  • 10×10′ foot green screen (1)
  • Modern Studio Hi rollers light stands (1)
  • C stands (5)
  • Arri combo kit Arri 1k open 3200k tungsten (1)
  • Arri 650 tungsten (2)
  • Arri 300 tungsten with stand (1)
  • Lite panels Astra EP 11 5600k with gold mount kit (1)

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